Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great weekend!

Finally a day with sunshine!

Last weekend was just great! The weather has been horrible the last month with cold winds, clouds and wet snow. But this Sunday we got a clear blue sky and some nice sunshine! And the best part was that there was absolutely no wind. I brought both my Blade 130x and a 700e DFC to the field. I started the day with some tests of the micro in which I just mounted an option motor.  I knew that the motor, a XP08, was a little better than the stock but the difference wasn´t as great as I had hoped for. A little bit more power and a lot more shakes and wag. I had to turn down the gains to the bottom for both ail and elev and tail. But after that it flew okay, a small heli like that can never fly as good as the bigger ones but it still got me laughing. Tons of fun for sure!

I managed to fly 8 packs with my Rex and it felt really good. For the first time in a long period I did not feel rusty or uncomfortable. I could just focus on my flying and the execution of the maneuvers. I tried some new stuff and tried to make my hardest tricks as good looking as possible. I still need to learn to flight tighter and make quicker transitions between maneuvers, but that will be my main focus when the season really starts. Next goal is to finish the first version of my music flight and practice that one in the simulator for a month. It will be better to do it now then later, because then I will be out flying and not be hyped to sit in front of the computer.

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