Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blade 130X

Blade 130x - Tons of fun in a small package!
I recently got myself a Blade 130x. Just for the fun of it! I got a lot of Lynx upgrades for it so I can not say anything about how it performs with original parts. So, I just mounted all the metal bling and then the bind thingy with my old trusy DX7. I flew really well without any tweaks! I was suprised how well it handled right out of the box. But in the end of the maiden flight the whole chopper started to wobble. I landed and took the canopy off to quickly realize that one of the ailerion servo had bugged out. After some research on the forums I got the tips to clean the servo with alcohol. Simply done, and after that it worked fine. Today I did 4 flights just outside my doorstep and it was tons of fun! I crashed once but just put it back up on the skids and continued the flight. In stock form it it not really that powerfull so tonight I upgraded the motor and put an XP08 in to see if it gives the heli a bit more "umpf". I report back after my next flights. Maybe a exernal governor would be fun?

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