Saturday, March 02, 2013

Indoor fun!

Indoor flight in Sickla - a fun time to meet some new friends!

Last weekend I decided to go to a indoor flight meeting. It’s been a few years since my last indoor flight session so I had some mixed feelings going there. I have mainly been flying 600 and 700 size helis the last three years so flying minis and micros is kind of a new ground for me. My 130x is not really flying as it should and tilt badly after a pirouette and all flips and rolls kind of twists and goes everything but straight. I tried all tricks in the book without success so my next step is to send the mainboard back to FL for a warranty claim. With a 130x not flying as well as it suppose to the whole indoor experiences was a challenge. But I have to admit it was great fun! I was in the mindset that I was about to bring the heli back home in a thousand pieces. Me and my good friend Patrik Langen rocked the shitt out of our micro helis and where constantly laughing. He did the coolest move of the night with a skid bounce 3 meters up on the wall! I managed to pull of 12 flights and the last ones where nothing but sloppy because my concentration was all gone that late at night. But I proved to myself once again that the 130x is the perfect size for indoor flying. Small enough to be flown it a tight spot and keep up to the abuse but big enough to actually fly well. Flying 3d is no problem, but the most advanced maneuvers are a challenge beyond imagination. But basic tricks and orientation practice is just as good as on the bigger choppers.

I crashed 4 times and nothing happened to the heli.  I have no idea how good it holds up with stocks parts since mine is blinged out with red Lynx Options parts. I thinking about do some more mods to it. How about an external governor and a more powerful motor like the spin 8800? I know that is like trying to make a Fiat Uno perform like a Lamborghini but trying to improve theses little helis is kind of addictive.  Now the 130x has to rest for some weeks until I receive a new mainboard. Until then I am back to the sim and cold outdoor flying on Sundays.


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