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Monday, October 21, 2013

Still so much fun!

I remember when I started to fly helicopters for a little bit more then five years ago. I bought a Trex 450 with a Futaba 401 gyro from a friend of mine and every time I took it out for a flight on the local soccer field I was both a little scared and at the same time exited. Getting a bit to close to myself was always a bit if a heartstoper! But every time I walked back I got this nice feeling of the adrenaline rush the flying gave me. It was exactly like being eleven and standingcin the line to the biggest roller coaster in the fun park. Scary and exsiting at the same time.

Now, more then five years later I get exactly the same feeling. I do not know why but flying these model helicopters is the ultimate rush for me. I love every second of it! 

Like the slogan of Helifanatics - We love this shitt!

Monday, September 30, 2013

New canopies!

I got some new canopies for my Whiplash helis. They are from Fusuno and I must say I am impressed with their quality. The bright yellow and orange really shows well in the air. That is good for me couse at cloudy days I really struggle to see the heli. Maybe I should ask then to paint some matching fins?

Monday, May 06, 2013

First F3N competition of the year!

Back from the first F3N competition of the year! I ended up at forth place which feels quite fair. I did aim for a podium finish but the other competitiors was tru world class pilots so I am satisfied anyhow. Now i know what I need to lear until next competition. More advanced moves, better flow, more technical and better height control. Kind of simple right? :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A short break!

It has been a few weeks since my last update. I have been busy with building and finishing my MA Whiplash. It flies great! So good that I got a bit to cocky last weekend and smashed it straight to the ground. Massive destruction. But all parts are on the way home to me so hopefully it will be back in once piece within a week or so.

Right now I am preparing for the first competition of the year. It is called Gränscupen and will be held in Gothenburg. I think I got my set moves and freestyle down at the moment but the music flight still needs a lot of practice. This competition will be a good chance to try all the new stuff before we go to WC in Poland in July.

I will try to update as often as possible and report back from my trips around Sweden and Europe this summer!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

New canopys!

Canomod Salvate for the Trex 700e

A few months ago Canomod had a sale and I purchased two canopys to use for practice. They got bright colors and the finish is really nice. But the fitting on the heli aint 100%, kind of tricky to mount it without bendning it and the top is touching the motor. I guess Mr Dremmel got to go to work again...

Indoor fun!

Indoor flight in Sickla - a fun time to meet some new friends!

Last weekend I decided to go to a indoor flight meeting. It’s been a few years since my last indoor flight session so I had some mixed feelings going there. I have mainly been flying 600 and 700 size helis the last three years so flying minis and micros is kind of a new ground for me. My 130x is not really flying as it should and tilt badly after a pirouette and all flips and rolls kind of twists and goes everything but straight. I tried all tricks in the book without success so my next step is to send the mainboard back to FL for a warranty claim. With a 130x not flying as well as it suppose to the whole indoor experiences was a challenge. But I have to admit it was great fun! I was in the mindset that I was about to bring the heli back home in a thousand pieces. Me and my good friend Patrik Langen rocked the shitt out of our micro helis and where constantly laughing. He did the coolest move of the night with a skid bounce 3 meters up on the wall! I managed to pull of 12 flights and the last ones where nothing but sloppy because my concentration was all gone that late at night. But I proved to myself once again that the 130x is the perfect size for indoor flying. Small enough to be flown it a tight spot and keep up to the abuse but big enough to actually fly well. Flying 3d is no problem, but the most advanced maneuvers are a challenge beyond imagination. But basic tricks and orientation practice is just as good as on the bigger choppers.

I crashed 4 times and nothing happened to the heli.  I have no idea how good it holds up with stocks parts since mine is blinged out with red Lynx Options parts. I thinking about do some more mods to it. How about an external governor and a more powerful motor like the spin 8800? I know that is like trying to make a Fiat Uno perform like a Lamborghini but trying to improve theses little helis is kind of addictive.  Now the 130x has to rest for some weeks until I receive a new mainboard. Until then I am back to the sim and cold outdoor flying on Sundays.