Monday, October 21, 2013

Still so much fun!

I remember when I started to fly helicopters for a little bit more then five years ago. I bought a Trex 450 with a Futaba 401 gyro from a friend of mine and every time I took it out for a flight on the local soccer field I was both a little scared and at the same time exited. Getting a bit to close to myself was always a bit if a heartstoper! But every time I walked back I got this nice feeling of the adrenaline rush the flying gave me. It was exactly like being eleven and standingcin the line to the biggest roller coaster in the fun park. Scary and exsiting at the same time.

Now, more then five years later I get exactly the same feeling. I do not know why but flying these model helicopters is the ultimate rush for me. I love every second of it! 

Like the slogan of Helifanatics - We love this shitt!

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