Sunday, January 13, 2013

Personal taste?

Edge – My favorite blade for sure!
Many things in this hobby are a matter of personal taste. Not that some things are better or worse, just that you might prefer something over another. Of course, there can be products with quality differences when compared to each other.  But when it comes to blades, helis, servos, govenors and even motors they provide a different feel to your heli. And when you learn to fly you learn by creating a muscle memory. And that feel your choice of products provide becomes a part of your muscle memory. Therefore it can feel really strange, odd and uncomfortable trying out new stuff. A few pilots got the skills to adapt to new machines and new components due to the capability of creating new muscle memory. I suck at this. When I get use to something I prefer to stick with it. Like blades for an example. I started to fly Edge a few years ago mainly because they were the only one making good blades in the 620 mm size. And I continued to use when going to larger helis. Now I´ve has been flying them exclusively for three years and every time I try another blade it just doesn´t feel right to me.  So what do I want to say with all these? I just mean that you should be careful before you say that something is good or bad when it might come back to a matter of personal taste.

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