Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Futaba 14SG!

Futaba 14SG - My new transmitter for the 2013 season!
I just got my new transmitter and it feels good to try something new, I have been using a Spektrum DX7 the last four years and I can´t say any other things then I liked it a lot. But after some years it starts to wearing out. Nowadays it´s held togehter with one srew and some tape. So I decided to get a new and fresh transmitter. I have never really like the ergonomic part of Futaba transmitters, they always seems to have some switches right where I want to put my fingers. But after looking at a friends newly bought 14SG I felt that it is worth a shot. So I got a week ago and now I am trying to get use to the feeling of. It took quite some time to get the pitch to feel the way I wanted but now I am satisfied. Stay tuned for some pics and thoughts about what I changed and why!

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