Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend fun!

Another Trex 700e DFC is airborn!

I can only fly on the weekends during the winter. I often manage to fly on one the days, preferably Sundays, and on a good day I down for 7-8 flights. It feels a little bit rusty every time and I wish I could fly more often, but our weather and lack of daylights puts a stop for that wish. Today I felt totally out of energy due to a night with only a little bit of sleep. But I did go to the flying field anyway and pulled of 5 flights which did feel super good. But they did not feel bad either. The only highlight was that I managed to pull off some Big ben´s. I have never been good at tic toc maneuvers but this autumn I have learned drunken sailor, tic toc funnel and now Big Ben. Ok, it is maybe not right to say that I have learned them but I can can´t thru them without aborting. Hopefully they will start look better in a while. I think tic toc maneuvers can be anything from super nice, smooth and good looking to awful and butt cracking ugly. The key is to not over use the pitch, which is super hard with the powerful machines we fly today. If you stress the tic toc moves they will never be good looking!

My great friend Mats did the maiden flight of his newly built Trex 700e DFC V3 today. His is a top notch builder and the flights where totally uneventful. Everything worked exactly as it should. He uses a similar setup as I do but the biggest difference is ESC and FBL system. He prefers vbar and CC and I´m true to my GT-5.1´s and Jives. Obviously both setups work well. It was a pleasure to see his machine cruise thru the air totally silky smooth. He has been keen to get no vibrations which he succeeded with. It will be another week until I can fly again and hopefully I can get some practice in the simulator done until then!

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Adam smith said...

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