Friday, November 16, 2012

Gens Ace!

Gens Ace - true quality!
I have been flying Gens Ace packs the entire season and I couldn´t be more happy. The price is good and the performance kicks ass! No problems with unbalanced cells or cells dying. I´m up at 80 cycles on my oldest packs and something around 20 on the newest one and I can not notice and drop in perfomance. I know Gens Ace sometimes has a little bit of strange measurements but the 5300 mah 30C packs fits pefectly in both my Trex 700e DFC and my Raptor E720. I also got two 60C packs but honestly I don´t think the gain in perfomance is worth the increased price tag. The IR is around 1,4 on all my packs and it will be interesting so how they last, and perform, during the long and cold winter!
My recomendations for purchasing is if you are located in Sweden. For Europe go to and rest of the world use

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