Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter flying!

Flying during the winter is as fun as the summer, or?

Many of my friends have complaints about flying during the winter. But why really? If you can dress warm for a day of skiing you can dress the same way for a day at the model field. The only diffrence is that you will be standing still for a long period which requires warm and good shoes. So, dress well and the cold won´t be a problem. The most tricky part is to keep your fingers warm. And there is several diffrent solutions. I prefer to use a transmitter mitt. For this winter I installed a 2s lipo heater but ended up not using so often. It does not make so much diffrence.

The biggest problem for winter flying is the lack of day light. Now we are limited to only fly in the weekends becouse it is dark in all afternoons and nights. In the weekend we can fly between 10 am and 2 pm. I´m glad if can get 7 fligts per week. So winter is really low season. But I try to focus more on the simulator, and I usually gets around and hour of sim time every day.

Winter is fun and a really nice winter day with a few degrees minus plus blue sky and some snow is great! But I can´t help looking forward to the summer....

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