Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lynx option parts!

Some shiny red stuff!

Today I got some parts from Lynx. And what is in the package? Actually some options parts for a Blade 130x. A few weekends ago I tried a 130x which belonged to a friend of mine and I was so stoked after the flight. It was super fun! It did not really fly that well and the piro comp was non existing, but still a blast! You could fly 3D without any strange behaviors but it required some extra focus to keep it a tight spot. I mainly fly 90 size helicopters and every time I go to the filed I aim to practice for competitions so for me flying is 100% serious nowadays. But a Blade 130x would be a perfect brake and nothing but a fun time. So I actually ordered one for myself. And since I am team pilot for Lynx I will of course use their hop ups, bling is king as we say! I will receive it the middle of next week so a short write-up about my impressions will be published on the blog shortly after.

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