Saturday, February 09, 2013

KDE Options!

KDE makes lots of upgrades for the Trex 700e. At the V1 and v2 some options where rather mandatory then optional to make the model fly okay. But the V3 is fine box stock. We did some mods to the one way bearing just because it is better to be safe than sorry. At the v1 I had the one way slipping at some points and the problem could be tracked to the sleeve inside the hub slipping due to a too small amount of Loctite from the factory. Taking it apart and put more Loctite to it is the easiest way, but we did a small mod and added some set screws to secure the sleeve. It works really well. And the v3 version of the Trex 700e it seems like Align learned their lessons and added a proper amount of Loctite. So there is nowadays no need for any mods. The only downside to the hub is that the aluminum tends to be a little soft. If your screws are fine you should not strip any threads, but once again better safe than sorry. KDE released their solution to this issue, even though you cannot really call it an issue, and I wanted to try their stainless steel hub just to find out how it worked. The mounting was truly a “drop in fit” with strong threads. I do think construction wise it is smarter with a solid hub in stainless steel then an aluminum one with a steel sleeve. Of course, Align produced it in the cheapest possible way and it seems to work for the most parts of pilots, so I definitely understand their choice.  I will continue to use this hub and will be reporting back after a couple of hundreds of flights.

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