Monday, February 04, 2013

Align - the scape goat of our hobby?

To me - this is quality combined with clever solutions!

Sometimes I feel that a lot of people in our business want to see Align as the company being at the bottom of the pecking order.  It is just like they want to find the scape goat of the hobby. Just as any other brand Align got some good designs and some bad. Some things are passing the quality control which shouldn´t, but that is something that happens to all brands. But Align always has to take the shitt. They released their DFC head and quickly addressed the problem with the bolts, and ever since it has been working flawless. But take a look at the forums. On page after page these self-claimed engineers are talking about the theoretical flaw in the design. I did not say anything to anyone before I tried it myself.  Now I got 300 trouble free flights with no boomstrikes, no wobble and no worn out parts. At the same time other brands with DFC heads offers a “new design” because some people had troubles with their original head. But who to blame? Once again, Align takes the shitt.

Sometimes the discussion about sizes becomes straight out ridiculous. Some say the Trex 700 is too small for being a real 700 size. Other is saying it is too heavy. Some says it needs tons of upgrades to be flown hard. Some say it is a flying brick. Come on, how could Align ever satisfy you? A heli with the size of the Logo Xxtreme, the weight of the TDR and capability to smack as a Goblin? Lots of folks seem to forget that all pilots doesn´t aiming to be the next 3D champ. A quality heli with affordable parts and good enough electronics might just be the perfect combination for the everyday flier. Not all need the most expensive top of the line products to have a great day at the field. But when it comes to a comparison between brands that aspect is many times forgotten. And it is just not only about what is good or bad. To me, one of the things I value the most is how well the parts hold up. During the summer I practice a lot and each and every machine goes through a couple of hundreds of flights. I tried many other brands and regarding this topics Align is for sure a top contender. What about bad quality? I have been a part of three Align builds the last year and all of them have been completely without issues. I could name a German brand I was flying a few years ago which constantly was breaking swashplates, craking tail sliders, slipping belts, twisting tailcases on the boom, easily breaking frames. Bu no, this is a brand which is rated in a different league then Align so it wouldn’t be fair, right?

One thing I tried to focus on the last years is to not bad mouthing other brands then the one I fly myself. Of course I fly the things I like and prefer. I also like to try new brands and products. Sometimes I find something I really like and sometimes it just wasn´t for me. That’s the natural way and even if it didn´t like it or it had shitt loads of problems I tried to have a neutral point of view. But this is not common. So many pilots can´t just be satisfied with their own preferred helis and feels in some way that they need to be picking on something else. And here is always where Aligns name comes in. Align is mass produced. It is nothing ordinary and innovative that changes the hobby. So therefore they become an easy target. Once again, Align takes the shitt.

The last big discussion is the program Align announced a few days ago. They give you a discount on their new 800mx motor if you trade your Scorpion 45xx motor. And the rage is all over the forums. How come? It is not like Scorpion is losing profit, the 45xx motor is already bought. The way I see this ad is that they are giving you an opportunity to try something you might not considered otherwise.

I have always taken the part of the bully’s side. If someone, or something, becomes an underdog I am there to support. Align is often eating more shitt then they deserve. So to all you keyboard warriors, keep on hating. I will just raise my middle fingers and grab another pack for my Rex and go out for other trouble free flight. Oohh, I just think my brick out performed your exclusive master piece….

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