Monday, January 28, 2013


Testing out some tailblades!
Yesterday we had a testing party with several different tailblades. One thing to be sure of is that the new tail ration in the Trex 700e DFC really needs the blades to be in exact balance. Otherwise you will get a bad sound which is annoying and in the long run something will brake due to the vibrations. Our test wasn´t really fair since we didn´t change the gain between the runs. But since it was the sound we wanted to check we did one flight with each blade. Align, Vblades and Stealth all gave the strange sound. Radix and Rail worked fine and sounded fine in all flight modes. To try out the how well they work in flight we need to do some more testing and adjust the gain to the blades liking. For now on I will settle with Radix. The only downside of Radix is the thin chord which easily breaks if you touch the ground upon a bad auto. Therefore I always keep some spare blades in my field bag.

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