Tuesday, December 18, 2012


DX7 and JR12x
My old and proven DX7 is about to give up on me! I have had it for about four years and I really liked it all the time. I never ever felt that I needed any more functions and the quality is superb. But, I think it´s time for me to look for an alternative. I had some potentiometers in my DX7 go bad on me last summer but I was able to fix them right on time for the European Championships. So I do not want to end up in the same situation this summer. I am really picky about which transmitter to use so finding a new one is not an easy task. I have quite small hands and short fingers so the big transmitters, like Futabas high end ones, do not feel good at all. A few years ago I had an 8FG and thought it was okay, but not 100% perfect for me. So a week ago I talked to my friend MrMel and he had a JR12x which he wanted to sell. The dimensions and ergonomics of that transmitter are very close to my DX7 so I hope I will like this one. I will borrow it for a while and try to put as many hours as possible in the sim to see if I can get used to it. I hope I do, because this is a true quality product which I then can keep for many years ahead.  

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