Sunday, December 02, 2012

First real winter flights!

A club member had a mishap with his Trex 500e
The winter is here! The temperature has gone below -8 degrees and it is really cold. Last week we hade some snow but the traffic is still flowing although it´s slippery. Today, sunday, I was really feeling hyped to go out flying. I dressed super warm and brought my transmitter mitt. I managed to do 7 flights with mixed results. The lightning conditions was a real challenged. It was to dark to use sunglasses and the snow made some reflections which was bit enoying. My goal for the day was to try a new maneuvre which I also did. This time I tried the tic tocing loop which is a F3N set maneuvre. I aborted the first try but on the second one I completed it even if it was ugly as hell. But completing it without being scared is the first phase of learning a new move. I also had some fun and shoot a few inverted auto into the small snow free area we hade fixed earlier. Now it is back to week days and it will be another week until next opportunity to fly. 

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