Friday, December 28, 2012

Broken TT gear!

One tooth missing - not hard to tell!

Last time out flying I had a mishap. I did a flight where I focused on flying a bit harder, fast and lower then usual. My style ain´t the most fun to watch so nowadays I try to learn to fly in a bit more crowd pleasing way. But when you take risks the accidents are bound to happen. This time the tail touched the snow, I managed to save the helicopter but I could hear some real bad noice from the gear train. I knew I had knocked a tooth from the umbrella gear for the torque tube. No bigge, just hit hold and land the helicopter. Back home I changed the gear and at the very next day I went back to the field to fly again. At hover everythig seemd okey but when I switched to Idle up and did some piruettes I lost the totally. When I looked at the heli I could not find anything else that was broken. back home I got some help from my friend Mats who is the king of trouble shooting. The reason for not getting any spin on tail was the tube itself. It had got knocked up in the last hit and actually gotten 5 mm shorter. Really hard to see, but if you look sharply you can see it being pressed together. We changed the tube and now everything is working just fine.

A bit squeezed together - not easy too see!

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