Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back on track!

Me with a Trex 700e DFC? Hell yeah!

I know that´s it´s been quite some time since my last update. The long and dark winter has arrived so it gives me plenty of time to do some post with reflections about my flying and the products I´m using. First post will be a quick season summary!

It has been a hectic season for sure! Lots of flying, lots of traveling and of course shit loads of fun! The season really started in May with the big fun fly in Habo. It has a lot of pilots visiting and I was really looking forward to fly at center stage and show everybody what the winters practice had done to my flying. But unfortunately I got a really bad  headache so I was just able to do I few flights, but I still had a great time watching everybody else flying the hell out of there helis. I´m proud to say that the levels of the 3D pilots in Sweden really improved this year!

The second meeting of 2012 was also the first F3N competition of the year. It was held in Karlskrona and we had great luck with the weather. It was sunshine both of the days and only during the last flights the wind was a challenge. Since it was the first competition it was a great lesson and a good practice for the upcoming European championship. I did my set maneuvers quite good but not as perfect as I wanted. The freestyle went fairly well but took a lot longer time then I expected. I ended up at second place and I really gained a lot of knowledge about how to create a freestyle.

The next big thing this year was the European Championship in Ballenstedt, Germany. What a great experience! I was really nervous before my flights but in some strange way I managed to focus on the flying and pulled of booth my freestyle and set maneuvers with the execution I normally do. Unfortunately I had some problems with my machines which were shown with tailwag. I could only fly in Idle up 1, any higher headspeed would make the wag be more the in a tolerant range. The only thing going really bad was the music flight. It was super windy that day and I really wanted to fly with higher headspeed to attack the wind better, but at 1850 rpm my helis was to sluggish to do well in those conditions. Better luck next time!

The last and absolutely biggest thing of 2012 was the Swedish F3N championship. It was held in Gothenburg the first weekend of September. It was windy but I as flying my, at that time, newly build Trex 700e DFC V3 so I could focus on actually flying and did not have to think about the tailwag problems I had with my Raptors. I ended up at second place which guaranteed me a place in the Swedish national team of 2013. It also means that I will have the opportunity to go to Poland in July for the first World Championship in F3N ever!

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