Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I finally got my charger case ready! This case really makes transportation of the chargers a lot more easy compared to just keep them in a bag. I do not need to connect any wires, just plug the power connection to the wall and all chargers are then ready.

The case consists of:

1 pc 1000 watt Yumo Power supply
2 pc 1000 watt Ichargers 3010b
1 pc 350 watt Voltz Power supply
1 pc 360 watt Hyperion Duo charger
2 pc Parllell charging boards from www.progressiverc.com

I can now charge 5 pc of 12s 4000 mah packs in an our or 3 pc of 12s 4000 mah packs in 30 minutes.
With my 7 packs it basically means I can fly back to back without ever waiting for a pack to be charged.

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